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A new brand of fresh and convenient meal solutions

Skip the drive-thru and the online ordering… now you can find a delicious, veggie-filled meal that’s easy to make and super fresh at your local grocery. Just pop in and grab one of our culinary kits or fresh cut packs!


the benefits…


Takes the guesswork out of meal planning with the ease of grab n’ go.

Our culinary kits take less work, less prep, and less planning. Fresh and ready for any dining occasion, now you can enjoy veggie-filled, high-quality meals in a snap!

Easy grab n’ go,
no thawing needed

Portioned ingredients
for easy measure

A delicious meal
in under 20 minutes


Fresh, wholesome ingredients make healthy eating super simple.

Eating well has never been so easy. Our pre-diced fresh cuts make a delicious base for any healthy recipe, and our culinary kits feature super tasty sauces and seasonings.


An array of international flavors add diversity to meal time.

From Cajun to Thai style, our range of seasonings and sauces help you eat a quick, veggie-filled meal and enjoy delightful flavor!


Signature blends make the perfect base for any recipe.

While our kits are easily enjoyed as is, all of our ‘in a snap!’ blends are designed to inspire your culinary spirit. Get creative with our kits or fresh cuts so you can eat fresh and healthy every day.



meals in
a snap!

quick, convenient home-cooked meal solutions

fresh and prepped for any occasion

Ready in 20 minutes or less

Boil, sauté, stir and go…  our in a snap! kits really are that easy.

Delicious flavor varieties

With a tasty array of seasonings, sauces and veggie blends, there’s a culinary kit for every palate.

Customized option for any meal

Mix up your proteins or customize ingredients to your taste–our kits are very versatile.


fresh cuts
in a snap!

pre-diced custom veggie blends

add ease and inspiration to any cooking experience


One fresh
cuts in a snap! base…

…can inspire
all of this

The heart of any recipe

Our signature  blends are  perfect as the base to any dish, from classic homemade soups to ethnic-inspired cuisines.

Less prep, more fun

We’ve done the slicing and dicing so you can get straight to creating your next culinary masterpiece!

Smarter cooking

Our unique packaging has individual compartments, making measuring and adjusting ingredients a breeze.